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"Mechanical Feelings draws you in with it's clever use of interface and its mocking vision of the year 2016, but If you pay attention to the small details, there's a surprising amount of depth and narrative that can be discovered throughout its short playtime" - AlphaBetaGamer

This game is best played with headphones, but at the very least, you need to be able to hear the game.

Mechanical Feelings is a short, slice-of-life narrative adventure game with a one-of-a-kind control scheme: Players interact by gesturing on their keyboards, including swiping, drawing, and typing. Mechanical Feelings was made in under 48 hours (I was busy the first 24) for the Game Jolt GDC Game Jam, and all art, programming, and music was done by myself.

"You are the proud owner of Historitech™ Episode 3, powered by Tacnology™!
Experience firsthand the distant past of the year 2016, using our patented Board of Keys Interface™ Technology (BOKI)™. Delvegjhj49T$^&%&@^@~Y(RT@!u39gy248y320t35!&(!^&!(#^&#(^(!#&%(!@&%(@!&%(!@&%(!@&%(@&!$(@$)!&@%)@!)%&@)!%&@!&$%)!@(%&(@!&%(@!)%&@)(!%&@(%)&!@()$@!$)@!#)!@$)@-------BELIEVE NOTHING, AND WE WILL SHOW YOU THE TRUTH---------@!u39gy248y320t35!&(!^&!(#^&#(^(!#&%(!@&%(@!&%(!@&%(!@&%(@&!$(@$)!&@%)@!)%&@)!%fje for only the finest of historical entertainment experiences! Try it today! Note-If your copy of Historitech™ shows signs of tampering, please do not wait and email historicorp@gmail.com"

Many thanks to the amazing community at FreeSound.org, as well as the fine folks who make the LÖVE engine!


Mechanical Feelings(win64).zip 35 MB
Mechanical Feelings(win32).zip 35 MB
Mechanical Feelings.app.zip 43 MB

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